About Rhea Harbor Resort & Marina

Rhea Harbor is a family run marina located on Watts Bar Lake between Knoxville and Chattanooga, Tennessee. It is relaxing property. Fishing is great and the boating doesn't get better!

We offer a limited amount of boat slips and cabins for rent annually. Each of the 12 cabins over look the lake. We have around 75 boat slips ranging from open, covered pontoon to houseboat slips.

The Lake
Watts Bar Lake is the largest of the TVA lakes built along the Tennessee River chain of lakes. It is over 38,000 square acres with 783 miles of shoreline. The resort & marine resides on the Piney River channel, which empties into the Tennessee River about 3 miles up-river from the dam. The lake is easy to navigate with many coves for relaxing floats and great fishing.

Watts Bar is open to the lower and upper lakes through the locks. Yes, you can lock-through the dam at no charge. It is easy and fun! Watts Bar Lake being situated between Knoxville and Chattanooga means that it is one of “the best kept secretes of the south.” Most of the property around the lake is heavily wooded and TVA owned, so the lake is not very developed.

Boat Slips
We have a variety of floating- boat slips available. We can accommodate pontoons, bass boats, ski boats, pleasure boats and up to around 85’ houseboats.
We offer limited number of non-floating covered slips for spring/summer season.

Cabin Rentals
As of 2014, we are offering our cabins for monthly leases/annually. This allows our guests to maintain their own cabin on the lake all year! You will find our 12 units make the property your own personal get-away. If you love the water, desire to live the boating lifestyles you can lease your own place without the hassles. Please contact for us so you can have your lake cabin when you want… every weekend!

The Resort Grounds
The resort sits on a point facing islands on beautiful Watts Bar Lake. The surrounding is very relaxing. The grounds are lightly wooded with mature hardwood trees. One added benefit is we are mosquito free! TVA slowly fluctuates the lake level each week to destroy the mosquito larva.

The Fishing
Watts Bar is one of the great fishing lakes of the South. It yields up a wide variety of game fish: large & small mouth bass, jumbo crappie, rockfish (aka stripers, hybrids, wipers) white bass, sauger, blue gill and a variety of catfish.

Fishing takes place all year. Typically, crappie season starts as early as late February through the most of May. Bass usually start their move in late March and stay active though June. May early June is usually best for finding Small mouth bass hitting the surface. In the summer, mornings and evenings are best. As it gets closer to the hotter days of summer, you will see more nighttime fishing for bass and crappie with lights. In July and August, you can usually catch white bass in jumps off of deeper river channels. Mid-September to the end of October is quite active again for Bass and Crappie. It is also the best time of year to see the color changes in the trees. In the winter months, crappie and bass are still very catch’able, and most say are the best time of year for eating or stocking your freezer.

The Water Sports: Swimming & water-skiing
The weather affords avid water sport enthusiast a longer season. Usually swimming is common for the locals in mid-May, for the northerners by May 1st! (Most kids tend to start a lot earlier) The water stays warm enough for most through September. October, you will want light-wetsuits/shorties.

What is nice about Watts Bar Lake and specifically the Piney area is that we have a low population of boats. Water-skiing without boat wakes is very common. With the many large coves, even on windy days water-skiers can find calm water. If you like calm water, Watts Bar is for you.

The Family/about us
We enjoy our friendships and life-style immensely. We would enjoy getting to know you and your family. Sandy (aka the mom and now grandma 7 times over) and Mark (aka Pop-pop) have a watchful eye and lollypop for any kid that wears their life jacket on the docks and the boats. Joe and his family are always around and willing to lend a hand with all your boating and resort needs. Since Joe has worked there since the age of 5, you will no-doubt hear stories about him from our many long-term guests. David runs the service operations as well as lives on property also.

You will find we are relaxed, fun and simply a family place. Please come down for a visit to feel what life is all about… simple days, friendships and a few good fish.

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